I am curvy, I eat what I want and I am also fit!

I started offering the Coredratics Session via TRUPPR two months ago. This was after several people walked up to me at the gym asking questions like “are you a gym instructor?” “Do you do this professionally?”, to which I answered “No”. Surprised, the next round of questions they usually ask are “how do I become fit like you?” or “Can you show me a few techniques that can help me get a flatter stomach?”.

I wasn’t always the kind of person that people walked up to at the gym. I was conscious of the need to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly and tried to do so by going to the gym consistently for five years. But I never reach my desired weight.

Last year, I decided to make a conscious effort and take my fitness to the next level. First step was to identify my goal and research on how I was gonna get there. I started by changing the way I eat by reducing my portions and been mindful of the nutritional content of what I ingested. Then I stepped up my exercise to target strengthening and tighten specific parts of my body. Fast-forward 6 months and I was well on my way to meeting my desired weight. I had lost more than 10kgs, my clothes fit better and I have never looked back.

For me, fitness is my way of life and TRUPPR gives me the ability to maintain this lifestyle. I use TRUPPR to organize my Coredratics classes twice a month, I play tennis 3x a week, I run 2x a week and find several other interesting activities like volleyball, female soccer, cycling and aqua aerobics.

Essentially, I am a fitness junkie and TRUPPR is my dealer.

*About Coredratics
Coredratics is a 1-hour experience of fun but intense workout where we work on strengthening your core and improving your overall fitness level. Visit TRUPPR.com and sign up for my next session on Saturday the 28th of June- “Coredratics Free Session (June)”.

See images from a previous Coredratics session: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.677504278964969.1073741850.548198238562241&type=3


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