Groups on the Truppr app keep you connected with fitness interests around you. Whether it’s what to eat, what sport to do or finding running buddies. You can join a group or even create one of your own. It’s super easy to post, comment and like within the group.

Available on the iOS and Android app

Get much more out of Truppr and join a group or two today!

A couple of our favorites so far:

The Home Exercises group turns your home into a gym with effective body weight exercises for all fitness levels.

HealthnHealthy is a group started by aTruppr user who has lost a ton of weight and now shares her first hand tips on how you too can achieve the body you desire

The Weightloss group brings people together who have weight to lose. Whether it’s a life changing goal or the last few pounds, there’s something for you here.

Healthy Smoothies and Juices is full of smoothie recipes for you to try. You can also post your own and get feedback.

Fitness is better shared and this is just another way Truppr keeps you connected with others so fitness and healthy living becomes a lifestyle.


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