If you’ve ever attended any Truppr event in Lagos, Roseline Eyenike isn’t a face you can miss out. From local to international marathons and High-intensity workouts, she is a true definition of a fitness enthusiast.

In recent times, I have gained several pseudos namely; Cardio queen, lady workout beast, fit slug and the list is endless.

It cannot be said that I stumbled into fitness rather I found fitness at an early age based on my restless attributes (I can’t stay idle to save my life *covers face*). I was never the regular kid that learnt to ride the bicycle or play video games rather I just loved to walk which got my parents worried one sunny Saturday and I was reported missing at the police station. I was an active sports child as I participated in solo and relay races in primary and secondary school. I never liked the idea of being called big so I stayed conscious of my body weight even at periods when I indulged in extreme gluttony; I ensured that I incorporated at least 30 – 40 minutes brisk walk every day.



In 2014, I got my groove back by participating in the maiden edition of March Truppr 5K run, it was hard as I panted while I ran, walked, crawled but ensured I finished. This monthly routine on the road went on while I attended boot camps and home exercises to build my core. After three hours, 3 minutes on November 8, 2014, I certified myself as a distant runner with my first half marathon and after this have graced pavements with other runners in Nigeria and outside.

The journey has not been all rosy as I lost three toenails a month after my official full marathon in Lagos yet it has not deterred me. Like I say to friends and acquaintances, fitness is my “go-to high” which has kept my sanity-physically and mentally. The lessons and benefits derived from fitness cannot be quantified – I have formed strong alliances, made friends, built strength, discipline, patience and perseverance.

Would I say there are no days I feel like throwing in the towel? Well, there have been countless but I stare at myself in the mirror and know that the work for my body and mind is worth more than a million bucks. A quote that resonates during periods like this is; “ If it does not challenge you, it cannot change you.”  I have gone sore for weeks yet I find myself crawling back with smiles to the gymnasium or road as the case applies.

One advice I am quick to tell anyone who cares to listen is “your body is yours and must be given the attention it needs. If you do not like what you, then work to your desired body observing the little changes. Also, you can’t consume meals like an elephant and no physical activity then expect to see results.



My regular drill days are beastly from a 10km cardio run to two hours of bodyweight, High-Intensity Interval Trainings, core strengthening not without my warm-ups and cooldowns.

Exercise has offered me fitness, friendships and fun. I am not willing to trade this fit life rather I will keep working to understand my body as I advance in age.





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