On 28th November 2018, we hosted the 4th edition of the Truppr corporate cup amidst fanfare and a lot of cheers. The competition had over 100 people in attendance cheering their various teams to victory.

Six teams (BudgIT, Tizeti, Co Creation-Hub, Cars45, Paga and Paystack ) slugged it out on the pitch and team BudgIT eventually lifted the 5th edition of the Truppr Corporate Cup.

The Truppr Corporate Cup has helped expand the scope of Truppr beyond individuals and communities to corporates. It has become a core part of our plan to be the foremost go-to corporate wellness outfit in Nigeria.

With the latest edition coming up on March 30, we take a look back to reasons why we decided to include the corporate cup as part of our corporate wellness plan.

Why Truppr Corporate Cup?


truppr corporate cup

In football, it is very important for the team to stick together. Each member of the team is assigned a specific task to boost the teams’ chances of winning. Each team member must do his part, trust his teammates to do theirs and be ready to cover for them. And every team member will go through the emotions of winning and losing together.

This teamwork demonstrated by the team all through the competition is also very essential in boosting workplace productivity.



truppr corporate cup
Each team believe they will lift the coveted Truppr Corporate Cup. This belief transcends into the workplace and which will motivate them to achieve the common organisational goals.



corporate cup

Facilitating fun activities in organisations is one of the ways to build social connections and create a culture of fun among your employees. This goes a long way in helping employees enjoy their job.


Employee loyalty:


truppr corporate cup
Every kick of the ball, every goal scored and every tackle on the field is followed with roaring cheers that build a connection with the fans and the players. This developed bond will enhance productivity when inculcated in the workplace.

The next edition will come up on March 30th and organisations such as PiggyVest, Paystack, Andela and Co-Creation Hub have signed up. Slots are still available, so register your team here.

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