An average employee spends about 40 hours at work every week. Some skip lunch and stay up late to get the job done. They rarely have time to exercise because they work all the time. And they never take a sick or personal day.

This is an admiral yet foolish approach to work. Personal health always needs to come first. It’s the key to living a long and fulfilling life. Being in good physical and mental shape also sets a person up to be great at their job.

Every week, we will do an inquest into the work-life of employees in different sectors, highlight the various health threats and give recommendations.

This week, we talked to a passionate customer service officer and she revealed one or two sacrifices of being dedicated at work. Enjoy the rest of the conversation.

wellness in the workplace

How many hours do you spend at work?

I think I spend about 13 hours at work daily and for this 13 hours, I sit for about 12 hours.

Do you move at some interval?

I do not. I do not stand up regularly. Most times, I would have even forgotten that I have been sitting for a very long time until when I am going home, I just realize that I have not moved at all.

Do you have lunch at work?

Yes but not every day. And, my lunch starts at 3 pm at most times.

What about breakfast?

I don’t take breakfast at all. I take junks. In fact, I only take breakfast 3-4 times in a month. I don’t think there is any special advantage of breakfast, I think it doesn’t work for me. Because if I eat breakfast before coming to work, I will be relaxed and that is not good for my day.

Do you feel stressed at work?

A lot. I feel stressed and under pressure. For example, Today is a very bad day for me. I feel pressured when I have too many things to do in a limited time.

How do you manage stress?

I shut down if I am under too much pressure. I just grab my phone and listen to music or do some other things. When I get home, I just look for something to eat and if there is nothing to eat, I just want to eat my bed. And I don’t really sleep immediately, I just lie down. I don’t have a regular sleep pattern but I wake up a bit late.

Does your organisation have a wellness package for you?

Actually, we are a startup and you know the way it is with startups. We just clocked a year recently. I think we can start a wellness package when we have more hands on deck. We are 6 at the moment.

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Does your work cause any harm to your health?

I have issues with my sight because I have to face the screen for a very long time. I usually have back pain and it takes a while for my eyes to adapt to sunlight.

Are your weekends enough to relax?

No ooh. It’s never enough for me. It is just like weekdays. I have to do all the house chores. I don’t even go out because I have a lot of things to do and before I know it time has gone, and Monday is here. I stay long at work but we close by 6.

wellness in the workplace

Truppr Says…

Miss X is a passionate employee at her workplace. She willingly does overtime and spends more than half of her day at work. Sadly, she is only doing herself and her employer a disservice.

Research shows that working past 55 hours benchmark causes low productivity and poor performance, escalates work-life imbalance and increased stress levels and others.

Inferences and recommendations

  • Working over 50 – 55 hours per week reduces productivity and causes harm to one’s health.

Tip – Trim work hours to about 9-10 hours daily and 50 hours weekly.

  • Prolonged sitting causes back pain and staring at the computer for long causes eye strains.

Tip – Have a regular 5-10 break off the desk every interval of 1 hour helps you refresh and refocus. So walk around, exercise and have lunch breaks.

  • Skipping breakfast is not just good for the health. It causes weight gain, increases chances of heart diseases and Type-2 diabetes, reduces energy levels and brain power. So, having your breakfast is very important. It helps you kickstart your day metabolism and restores glucose and essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function at work.

    Tip- If having breakfast makes you tired at work, then you should consider changing what you eat. Eat fruits, low sugar cereals, oatmeal, low-fat yoghurt, proteins and coffee. These options do not make you heavy and they, most importantly, help you break your fast (Breakfast) after a long night.

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