Its the 8th of March and we join the rest of the world in celebrating the International women’s day (IWD). The IWD is marked all over the world as a day to celebrate women and highlight the challenges women go through. It is also a day for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

We will be spotlighting three women who are taking massive steps in living healthy.  These women have found the formula to keep exercising consistently in between the busy schedule at home and in the workplace.


Tayo Lekan-Agbaje – Mother. Employee. Business Owner



Truppr: What attracted you to fitness and how did your fitness journey start?

Tayo: Fitness found me. There I was thinking I will live the rest of my life ‘FAT’ because after all, we are ‘ALL FAT IN MY FAMILY’. In 2012, I was 28, still single and almost at the 100kg mark on the scale. I put down- like every other year before then that ‘I will lose weight this year’. I got the support of one friend of mine who supported me being enrolled into a gym and truth be told that where I got hooked. I found the weight going down in trickles after a lot of hard work on both my food and at the gym. I formed relationships with people through fitness which made my whole life full of fun. I found running which I still consider my ‘ME’ time whenever I am out running long distances. 7 years after, I am still super excited just thinking about how the journey started.

Truppr: How are you able to remain consistent with your workout routines despite busy schedules?

Tayo: In 2012 I got to my ideal weight of 72kg and maintained within that line for a couple of years. In 2016 though, I got pregnant for my son and guess what I gained over 40kg AGAIN! You see I have been on both side of the divide and I know for sure I choose being fit ANYTIME. So once my baby was 3 months I was back at the gym. Almost 3 years after, over 30kg gone again and I will not say I am at my ideal weight but every day I take a step closer to getting there.

I always ensure I make healthy choices when it comes to food and ensures I work out at least 3 times a week for an average of 1hr every day. I enrolled in a gym which makes working out during the week even possible for me. And once I realize I am in the ‘gym’ mode but can’t go to the gym, I simply use all other devices I can find at home; skipping, dancing, walking, taking the stairs or hitting the road for a run sometimes. I hope this encourages someone out there to take a decision to live a fit and healthy lifestyle out there. If Tayo who has an 8-5 job and a full-time side business with 2 children and a husband can do it, why not you. Balance is better.


Linda Okafor – Accountant. Fitness Enthusiast


Truppr: What attracted you to fitness? And how did your journey start?

Linda: Fitness attraction happened by chance when I was back from my masters from the UK in 2013. It happened on the day I arrived at the airport, my mum came along with my kid sister. I could remember she said I was so overweight. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. I was over 120kg then. Mum was not so comfortable with my excessive weight gain. Then I joined a 3 months fitness challenge that was advertised in a magazine. From over 120kg, I dropped down to 98kg. From then onward the conscious effort to stay within a certain weight has been the motivation.

Truppr: How are you able to stick to your workout plan amidst a busy work schedule?

Linda: It has not been easy but staying focused, disciplined and maybe because I got myself enrolled by paying for a gym membership keeps me going and again not wanting to go back to that same weight gain helped me. For example, the place I work is not too far from my gym and I take along my gym wears. I squeeze in an hour gym time after work since I close by 3.30p.m. I also try to do a 20 minutes workout about three times a week before getting ready for the day at home.

Truppr: What are the challenges women face in terms of combing the home and work and at the same time staying fit and healthy? Give suggestions on how to maintain a balance.

Linda: It could be more overwhelming for married women mostly having to raise kids and take care of the home front and at the same time staying fit and healthy, single women too are not left outIn maintaining balance, I would suggest that women find ways to stay active, instead of taking that elevator at work, why not take the stairs. Do a little stretch here and there while at work. Enjoy and engage the family in fun activities that can keep the body moving like dancing.  Staying fit and healthy should be a conscious effort for every woman of all ages. 


Amara Nnaji – International Trader. Writer. Runner


Truppr: What attracted you to fitness and how did your fitness journey start?

Amara: I have always been a fitness person from when I can remember back in secondary school. I am a very slim person but love nature and outdoors so I enjoy taking walks and climbing hills back at Jos even without knowing it was a fitness thing.  I would always go running most evenings back then while leaving in a secure estate just to clear my mental cobwebs, enjoy alone time and the sights. I never really stopped but the dynamics changed when I discovered and joined the Truppr team while running at UNILAG.  It was at a time I was dealing with stuff and found out running kept me grounded and left me feeling better. Joining that support group then held me more accountable to my fitness goals.

Truppr: How are you able to remain consistent with your workout routines despite busy work schedules

Amara: For me, exercise is therapy and it helps me stay sane. I have a crazy schedule already then top that with the stressor called Lagos. Working out be it running or HIIT does 2 things for me – dilute my stress level by supplying enough endorphins and expands my mental capacities. So you see, to function optimally I have no choice but to wring out time for workouts.

Truppr: What do you think of the stereotype that men should exercise more than women?

It remains what it is – a stereotype. Which is more like using random sampling to determine a population. Your exercising capacity is derived from what is either chasing you or you are chasing. For example,  exercise covers a whole lot of things (keep fit, fun & adventure, sensuality, stress management, weight loss and other health issues, sharpening your mental acuity etc).

Be inspired by these women. Stay fit, stay healthy, stay productive.


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