Many organisations are now more aware of the increase in profits and other benefits they tend to gain with the incorporation of a corporate wellness package. They either create a wellness plan or outsource it to wellness companies.

Corporate wellness

However, the big challenge these organisations face is that even after they have incurred costs of employee packages, a sizeable amount of the employees still don’t feel motivated enough to participate. They just do not key in.

This leads to frustration and the belief that corporate wellness packages do not deserve a cut of the budget. One thing you should always know is that it is a tall order for all your employees to be interested in a fitness plan. Forcing them is not right and it can create negative consequences. The goal is to rather motivate a sizable number of them.

Here are the reasons why your employees might not be interested in a wellness program:

Effective Communication: participation in wellness plans, as well as other activities, hinge on how well you communicate to your employees. Pique their interest by letting them know you value them. Ask and get information on their fitness needs and desires. Make them feel excited and involved. Carry them along and let them know the benefits of participating.

Relevance: one wellness plan cannot work for everyone. Your employees have varying fitness levels and health challenges so they need a wellness plan that is relevant to their needs. For example, not everyone will be interested in a weight loss challenge. You need to talk to learn about their health/fitness desires. With this, everyone feels their needs are catered for and they key in. This doesn’t mean you have numerous wellness options. No, you only need to vary your packages. 

Toxic work environment: wellness packages alone do not correct the mistrust and hostility that a toxic work environment promotes. In fact, there must be a foundation of trust and friendliness for a corporate wellness package to work. A good reason your employees might never buy into your wellness idea is if they don’t feel valued enough and are not well catered for by the organisation. Fix the toxicity and watch how wellness improves the bond in your organisation.

Timing: Keep the timing simple. Your employees work with short deadlines, make it easier for them. Having a long workout time gives them less time to do their primary duty at your organisation. The ideal timing is between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Boring: Your employees will likely not key to your wellness packages if there is no life in it. Work is monotonous enough, your wellness programs must not be like a chore. They must find excitement in it. Use music, include more people, create healthy competition, bring an unfamiliar face. Think of what will always excite the employees.

If your organisation is still yet to have a corporate wellness plan, we have various plans to meet your needs. Request for a demo.


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