Is eating healthy more expensive? Eating healthy might be cheaper than you think, you only need to make some smart decisions.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy means you may need to include a lot of fruits, high-quality proteins, and vegetables in your diet.

Don’t worry. If you follow the tips in this article, you will start eating healthy without putting a strain on your finance.  

Here are five tips that can help you eat healthy on a budget:

1. Draw a plan

Having a plan makes you more conscious of your eating habit. Planning your meal beforehand gives you control over what you eat. For example, you can plan your week’s meal at the weekend. But before you go to the grocery, make a list to avoid buying what you don’t need. Once you start this, you will cut cost and be surprised by how much you spend on junks and food you don’t need. Bye to those tempting ice creams and pizzas!

2. Cook your meals

Eating homemade food is usually much cheaper than eating in a restaurant or buying processed meals. Eating out saps your budget. When you cook at home, you are entirely in charge of what you eat and you can sneak in any cooking preferences you desire. You can even cook enough to eat at lunch to cut the craving for dessert.

3. Shop for In-season produce

In season produce are relatively cheap. Each season has its own array of fresh produce. Know them and maximise their benefits. In season produce also taste better and are at the peak of their nutritional value.

4. Buy in bulk

When you buy in bulk, you save extra shopping time and spend less to get more quantity. So when shopping, buy more product than you presently need. And, you should be smart with storage.

5. Cut out waste

Don’t overcook. Always finish your portion. Freeze leftover bread. Eat leftover meals for lunch. And do not buy unhealthy meals. Store food in the right places.

Eating healthy does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. It is very affordable and easy to implement. The rules are generic and you only need to bend them to the size of your purse. You should also remember that regular junk meals are always expensive.
In fact, bad health will cost you more. Bad health saps your energy, makes you less productive, and let you become more vulnerable to diseases.
If in the end, eating healthy seems more expensive, the accumulated problems that result from poor nutrition make eating healthy a worthy sacrifice.

Check out a grocery list for three days:

  • Mid-sized cabbage N200 – (approx. $0.56)
  • 5-6 mid-sized carrot sticks N100 – (approx. $0.28)
  • Fresh green peas N100
  • Lettuce N100
  • Green bell pepper N100

Prepare a vegetable stir fry with spices of your choice. This can give three servings for 3 days with any of these sides; sweet potatoes, brown/white rice, bulgur, Moin-Moin.

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