We Love Success Stories!

In 2016, I wrote down one thing that would make my 2017 better!

That one thing was losing weight!

How to go about it? To be more disciplined and wake up early (they say the world belongs to those who wake up early right) to actualize a “better me”.

I was a yo-yo dieter but decided I wasn’t spending anymore money plus the group I joined as usual, the trainer was no where to be found!And I realized motivation was a lie!!!

What I needed was will power.

There was no affordable gym close by and even if I could afford it the time to go was another issue…

I started morning runs and eating more healthy foods, With an amazing support system like my family and friends!
I got healthy treats packs as gifts and workout toys too because I talked about losing weight all the time. I became more disciplined, more patient and closer to God too!

It was hard! Because going to parties meant drinking water and having only the healthy food on the menu like Moin-moin, Salad, Fish, etc. Or sometimes, go with my own food 😂😂😂! That’s if I had to go at all.


I eventually realized it was more about portion control than dieting as I couldn’t stay off some food totally.

I ate and still eat with a teaspoon! I would read while I eat so I took more time eating! Also always had my food really hot as it slowed me down too.

One salad never made anyone skinny and one cake never made anyone fat!

I stopped getting obsessed with the scale.

Eating healthy and exercising gave me an unexplainable glow!!!

I am absolutely in love with ME!!! I feel more energized, happier  and more confident.

Was it hard? Yes.
Do I still have those days I want to binge eat? Yes
Will I trade this for some magic pill? No!

Healthy Lifestyle is a one stop shop to everything!!!

Truppr: Amen is a member of the Truppr Surulere Community and a fitness Instructor: @bodqueens on IG

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