Exercise is a great way to improve our physical and mental health.

The challenge to enjoy any exercise you do and keep it social to make physical activity more fun and increase the odds of your sticking with your exercise program is real. The benefits of regular exercise include a healthy heart, sleeping better, improving your mood, feeling more energetic and staying a sensible weight.


Simply put, exercising helps us lead longer and happier lives. The hard part is making exercise a routine habit. If it feels like a chore or too daunting, you won’t stick to a healthy regime. But when exercise is fun you’re more likely to stick to getting fit. Whether it’s gossiping as you run with a friend or laughing and groaning in an exercise class when an instructor challenges you all to do 10 more, making exercise social is a key part of making fitness fun.

Group exercise is one of the best ways to make exercise really social. Social exercisers enjoy more activities and remain more active in the days that follow. Even perfectly healthy adults can benefit from the distraction an exercise buddy can provide. Joining a group exercise is a great way to meet people and bond with them. Group exercise leads to beautiful stories and social interaction – from running to swimming to cycling,  you will meet and work together with 10 or more other people. Group exercises will also have you committing to a whole season of exercise and physical activity.


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Other fun ways to make exercise social is exercising with another person; it will motivate you and make your workouts more interesting. Find someone who is dependable and you like to be with to go to the gym together or run on weekends. You may be more likely to get out of bed for an early-morning walk, run or bicycle ride if you know someone is counting on you for company.

Also, exercising for charity runs, walk or danceathon and other events are great fundraisers for charity. You will not only meet hundreds of people, you will get some exercise and raise some money for a good cause – all part of the selfless behavior which seems to improve longevity. Once you get into the world of charity fundraisers, you will be amazed at how many like-minded people you encounter, as you experience the satisfaction of pursuing a shared cause.


Group fitness classes are also a great way to meet people and add a social element to your workout. Find a class that you enjoy; (Spin, Yoga and HIIT classes) you may discover that paying for a session also keeps you more motivated than you would be with drop-in classes.

Taking a fitness class and working out with your peers is one of the easiest way to socially interact and stay on track to achieve your goals. By signing up to attend a fitness class on a regular basis, you will be less likely to skip out on your workout. Why? Because there are people holding you accountable.


Group fitness class isn’t only a great way to get physically active. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out and meet like-minded people who have the same lifestyle goals as you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make a long-lasting friendship or two!

Staying connected with other people reduces your stress, and can keep you motivated to stick with the healthy activity.

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