The kettle-bell is that ball-shaped weight with a U-shaped handle.

The reason kettle-bell exercise works is because it combines strength and cardio in one workout. Your muscles are working hard, but so are your lungs and heart. You will be training for strength and for endurance, and revving up your metabolism for hours after each workout. There’s no one type of weight that’s better than all the others, but it is fair to say that the kettle-bell is the most under-appreciated member of the free-weight family.

You can use kettle-bells for just about anything, from high-rep HIIT workouts to low-rep heavyweight slogs, and they’re especially good for compound moves like swings and squats.



Kettle-bell training boosts your power, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Unlike dumbbells, which are great for building strength and muscle in specific areas, kettle-bell exercises activate multiple muscle groups at the same time. They also boost your cardiovascular fitness.

The kettle-bell swing, for example, uses and develops many of the muscles needed for a powerful sprint, and can get you winded after just a few reps. The swing which is the foundation of kettle-bell lifting, is actually a dynamic dead lift. It strengthens the entire posterior chain.

Most kettle-bell movements are ballistic, meaning they move under the force of gravity, so you want to move with confidence.


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If your goal is to just get into better and stronger shape, kettle-bells are just as effective as dumb-bells or barbells for increasing the maximum amount of weight you can lift and how quickly you can summon huge bursts of power on the sports field, at least in the short term. You can train exclusively with kettle-bells if you like, or work kettle-bell exercises into an existing workout program.

With kettle-bell training, you focus less on the weight itself, and instead train your body to produce force very quickly and keep your muscles working really hard throughout. All of this together basically means more power and control.




Consistent kettle-bell training will give you some unexpected curves. Ladies are notoriously weak in their upper body, with kettle-bells anyone can build out and define slumping shoulders and develop a strong, tight core. You will notice everything is tight and flat without having to put in thought about sucking it in.

Kettle-bells will help you with those chronic injuries that might be keeping you out of the gym, and get you strong so that you can safely run a 5k or half marathon.

In a nutshell, a kettle-bell workout is a safe, simple, time efficient and lots of fun!

Your body will be its own work of art! Sculpted and lean.

Swing it!


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