A sedentary lifestyle is characterized by an excessive amount of daily sitting. The human body was designed to move. We move to gather food, escape predators and migrate.

We wake up. Get ready for work. Sit in the car during traffic for 45 minutes or more. Arrive at work. Sit at the desk, check emails and do some work. Eat at our desk while simultaneously browsing the Internet and preparing that memo.

The main contributing factor to our increased sedentary lifestyle at work is technology. Technology has brought about more inactive modes of transit, caused an increase in sedentary jobs and has developed more activities that can be done while sitting (i.e. skype calls, surfing the web,etc).


Essentially, the recommendations are that you should get up and move around at least once per hour and a minimum 30 minute of moderate exercise each day.


You can view this week’s series of our desk exercises that you can do while at your desk.


#Deskercise : Short stretch routines at your desk. They will force you to get up and reduce strain on your neck, arms, shoulders and lower back.


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