Show of hands if you have the ‘eek’ face when you hear “Let’s go for a run” or “There’s a run on Truppr, you should sign up”. I raise both my hands, I would have included my legs, but I’m a lady.

I can’t stand people who run and brag it, ‘oh yeah, I just did a 21KM and I feel good, yass’ sort of people (please don’t say this next to me because I can choke you).

So, if you’re like me and you hate running and dislike the people that brag about it, they were once like us.

Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy running enough to bragging:

Ever been to a run and you meet all sorts of interesting people and if you’re like start checking out what shoes they have nice. “Oh nice shoes, that’s an amazing color, I will totally rock that” then you get to WTF are you wearing? People stop wearing office shoes to run or denim, you are not only reducing the durability of the shoes but killing your poor feet and making yourself uncomfortable. So get yourself some comfortable running wears and you will definitely enjoy the slide in before the run.

You know the whole TGIF stunt, your body is at work but your mind, spirit, soul, ego is at a club turning up and you can’t wait till you dash out of work? How about you try it out for running, excite yourself (or what you folks call ‘Ginger’) if you have a pre-run playlist start to play those songs before you leave for the run. Don’t forget to warm up!

Slow and steady actually wins the race. Don’t think you can overrun Usain Bolt on the first day, honey boo, come down to mother earth. There is nothing wrong is adding a few power walks when you can’t run. Remember to focus on performance that way you will be satisfied with your training.

Running in the same place gets boring. Yes, you know the route already but come on! Surprise your body and change the environment, run up and down the stairs, round around your compound or a different neighbourhood. Just switch it up!

As a beginner try and go with someone in the intermediate group, not saying you can’t with someone in the advanced but the person has got to be sprinkled with the fairy dust of patience. If you are going to run 5KM this week, do it. If you’re going for 21KM this week, HelOHel. Get yourself a running buddy, set your running goals – 2 times this week, 3KM every day – and you can switch it up next week till can start bragging like the rest of the lots. Urgh!

You can do it! Lace up those comfortable running shoes and RUN!


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