Disclaimer: This post is not for you if you love running or if you are opinionated like me.

I hate to do this but let’s start with a little bit of me-then-versus-me-now stories, like every other fitfam post you know.


I started running in 2012 when I was told that I was obese for my age and I had to find a way around it. Then, I would run 10-20 times around my compound to make a complete 5KM run. I lost all the weight I wanted to lose and I stopped running.

Fast forward to 2015, I was at that point (again) and I joined Truppr. The first event I went for was a run. ‘How convenient’, I thought to myself. Let’s just say I ran all the ‘runables’ and I lost the KGs I needed to shed but then I got comfortable.


I did not stop working out but I just didn’t care too much to run as much as I would. The only thing I focused on was being faster than the previous time (just for the sake of it). Running became boring to me. I never really liked running, to be honest. And my left ankle caved in (long story).


Enough of the life history. Where am I heading with this? I see running (short distances to be specific) as a quick fix but that’s just my opinion anyway but isn’t that’s why you’re here? Don’t get me wrong. Running is fantastic, for those of you who can keep moving for eternity but I have seen a lot of people struggle with it too much that I wonder why they bother. If you are doing it so that you can do a lot of marathons, good for you! But if this is one of those things you started doing because you see a lot of people doing it and you are struggling, stop!


So what exactly is the ‘solution’?


I think joining a fitness class (dance class, spin class, regular gym, yoga class, swimming club, etc.) might just be what you need. There is this beautiful feeling that comes with walking into a room full of people who are ready to kill the WOD with you.

You don’t necessarily get better at EVERY single thing you keep trying. That’s it.


I am gong to drop these two BIG ASSUMPTIONS for you to think about very deeply:

  1. Every form of exercise should work for everyone who tries it.
  2. The sought-after benefits of the exercise are only available by doing that type of exercise.


And two questions you really do not have to answer:

Must you run? Who is chasing you?




by Adeola Elijah



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  • Onyinyechi Uwakwemdike

    “Must you run? who is chasing you?” lol!!!! I totally get what you mean. I used to run a lot when I could not afford gym membership. It was fun, I actually do still enjoy running every now and then but now i have other options – stair master, elliptical, spinning, aerobics even weight lifting etc….now i enjoy working out a lot more.