Hello everyone, I’m Adesuwa!

I started this year on track with my fitness goals, Boot camp training twice a week, skipping and home exercises daily. I tried to eat healthily and drink lots of water…. This I did successfully most days. I found some really amazing yogis and yoga poses on Instagram and thought, I’d like to do that!! I can definitely do that!! So my love for yoga was born. I started my home yoga practice with the help of YouTube videos, Instagram yoga 4 growth challenges.

I was loving my new healthy and fit look and feel. 2017 second quarter comes along, and I find myself side tracked. Gained all the weight I lost, couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to my eating habits, exercise was non-existent. I lost all motivation to continue my fitness lifestyle. For the life of me, I can’t say why this happened and how I got here. I started car sharing with a work colleague lately and one day we were discussing running. She seems like a fitness addict!!! 3mile runs, 3 times a week, weights, skipping and on top of that she walks her dogs every morning before work, without fail! It reminded me of the few times I attempted running.

I must confess, every time I made the effort to get up and do it, I felt great. Now I think I have a plan, Get into running. I figure once I’m out of the house I have no choice but to run and come back home. Even if it means I have to walk back. At least I would have done something. Considering the failed attempts of my HIIT workouts at home where I give up once the pain is too much. with jogging/running, I have to find my way back home somehow, so no chance of giving up. I will give you an update on how this week goes. I’m hoping the fact that I have to say something positive at the end of the week will motivate me too.


Now just to figure out the best time to run…. Early mornings, Lunchtime (there is a shower at work) or after work….. Decisions, decisions.


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