Adaora Obi is an Interior Designer and Fitness Nutritionist. 

She is a certified Fitness Nutritionist from  NASM (National Academy of sports medicine)  Arizona, US.  

After her certification, she understood nutrition as the basis for sustainable weight loss and made better food choices.

She’ll be sharing her lunch with us for the rest of the week.

TUESDAY:  Beans and Plantain Porridge With Steamed Ugwu Leaves

What I love about this dish

Highly nutritious honey beans. It is one of the most affordable sources of protein and healthy carbohydrates (yes, beans is considered to be a complex carb)


Honey beans, Palm oil, Onions, Fresh or dried chilli Pepper, Salt, Semi-ripe plantains 


1. Pick beans to remove chaff and stones.

2. Boil the beans in a regular pot or use a pressure cooker as this reduces cooking time. Cook time with a pressure cooker is about 40mins (Beans can take forever in a regular pot).

3. Boil plantains separately.

4. Add plantains to the beans once the beans is ready 

5. Chop or blend onions

6. Heat palm oil for a bit, add onions and pepper. Fry for about 10 mins

7. Pour heated oil into beans and stir

8. Add salt to taste.

9. Wash ugwu (pumpkin leaves)

10. Put in a pot and allow to steam, add chopped fresh peppers and onions

Serve and enjoy.


On my plate is about 400 calories.

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