Truppr recently launched their Facebook Messenger bot – Tsam.

I got super excited when I found out I could get gyms around me and connect with workout buddies so I decided to give it a try.

The bot works just fine and here are some simples steps to find exactly what you are looking for. You can Find the truppr tsam bot too by clicking the link

After my first use, I decide to do a post for anyone who might have any challenge using the bot. Here is a step by step guide to using the bot.

1.You initiate a convo with the bot by clicking the  Get Started  button,


2. It displays some greeting message with three quick reply buttons –  “Find Gyms, Find Fitness Events and Find Workout Buddy”

3. Proceed to click one of them –  the bot will ask for your location, which you can send by clicking the “ Send location’ button, that will give the bot your location details. It then uses your location to find gyms, events and workout buddies around the user’s locale.


tsam-bot-_-04_-truppr-chatOnce you find the events around you, you are redirected to the truppr app same as workout buddies. If you see a gym you like, you are taken straight to their facebook page.

4. You can also share the bot to your friends on Messenger by clicking the “Tell a friend” link in the Menu (Persistent Menus)


Be sure to initiate and end-to-end flow with the bot via the Persistent Menu as the greeting stage only happens on the first interaction with the bot.

You can now find gyms, events and workout buddies around!!! SUPER EXCITING.

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