8 weeks ago, Truppr and Samsung gave three lucky people the chance to begin their journey towards achieving their personal fitness goals. We called it FitGoals and in keeping with the social media age we live in, we hash-tagged it #FitGoalsNG. Samsung provided the complete fitness package – a Samsung GearFit fitness tracker, Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile phone and Samsung LevelOn headphones. The aim was to inspire them to achieve their goals.

Sam, Adeola and Uddy were the lucky three, each with their own FitGoals.

Sam wanted to Run a faster 10km run and begin training for his first Half-Marathon (21.1Km). Uddy’s FitGoal was to drop 20kg of weight and run a faster 5km by bringing her pace down below 9min/km. Deola’s  was to run her first 15km run, drop another 10 – 20 pounds and run 15km at the same average pace which she runs her 10km runs now.

Here’s Uddy’s story so far in her own words…

Uddy Possible:
My eight week in this challenge. I have not been as steadfast with my blog posting as I have been with my challenge. Good news so far – My mileage has seriously improved I practically set a new PR (personal record) on all of my pavement work these days. I have run a total of almost 235km since this challenge started. My pace has improved. I now do an average of 8.55/km. I am still work in progress.

I do enjoy the GearFit because I don’t need to worry knowing who is calling or texting while I am on the road. When doing strength training, I set my timer from the GearFit. Not being a watch person it functions as a watch to me too. I like the way it reminds me of the goals I reach for example 50% done, 90% done. The LevelOn headphones are wonderful.  I had dodged using it but recently it has been my “road pally”. I love the way it sets a quiet surrounding to my ears and it’s just me, my music and my feet running. I love how easy it is to switch between calls and sound media. The phone is great as usual.  I have refused to check my weight I usually do that every 9 weeks. So no weight check but I do feel lighter. I will put up my next post 2 weeks from now. Thanks to Samsung and Truppr for the opportunity again. It’s been very worthwhile.

You too can join in too by posting your FitGoals and your progress each week. Send in a blog post of between 300 – 500 words to info@truppr.com or download the Truppr app on www.truppr.com/download and join the Truppr Resolutions group. Who knows? You just might win some awesome Samsung branded merchandize.


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