This week we are talking about enjoying your fitness journey and we have taken to social media to ask everyone questions about their fitness journey and why they started.

We kicked off on the Truppr App by asking people, When did you start your fitness journey and why?

Here are the responses we got below: 

Nkiru: For me 2000ish, but I became very serious in 2011. Why? Health Reasons. I had this breathing issue, doctor tagged hyperactive airway. Even inhaler couldn’t solve it. So I started the cheapest exercise I could afford, I discovered as I run and exercised I felt better. Now it’s like a lifestyle, anytime I fall I make sure I get up.

Mo: My Late teen years. I have always had body image issues.

Kemi: 2016. When my daughter asked if I was pregnant again.

Funke: 2013 Health issues … but I’m not keeping us as I should. 


On Instagram, we asked, When did you start your fitness journey and why?

zika_fierce 2014..Mainly because I wanted to look slim but as I continued I found out I could be more…

zestyjuices I started in 1992 and because I was fat

luvlylovelyn I started seriously in 2015, because I want to grow old and healthy

zinnyajekwu I’ve been off and on since ’08

octobermum1820 I started July 2014, I was obese and couldn’t walk. In fact I was limping and I was advised by a doctor to lose weight I said to myself- I am a nursing mum, how do I wanna loose weight?, stopped my child at 6months and started gradually and I haven’t looked back since & believe me I don’t regret starting ???

mz_bhimpsy2013……physical fitness basically

thatdudedemi In 2011 cos I was bored and started walking/running cos there was nothing else to do

oyin_egbeyemi Coping with exam stress.

unclesmoe In 2015, my organisation organised a health talk. Afterwards, we had free BMI; Blood sugar and Blood Pressure checks. My BMI was the only thing that worried the medical practitioner. I started working out then. Don’t plan to stop.

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