Tobi Smith is a great cook and almost a plating expert. He’ll be sharing his dinner with us for the rest of the week.

Tobi fell in love with food and hospitality a long time ago and decided that he would share this passion with everyone he meets.

Thursday: Bacon, Potato and Veggie Hash and Eggs. 

What I like about this dish: sometimes you want to eat something breakfast related and that is totally fine. This dish can work well for breakfast and both dinner. 


Baby Potatoes



Bell peppers,


 Mushrooms and seasoning. 


Chop your potatoes into small bits and bake them. In a pan, cook your bacon leaving the grease in the pan and set aside. Toss in some onions and bell peppers and seasoning then add your bacon back to it along with the baked potatoes. Cook your eggs in a non-stock pan so it forms a sheet. Serve and enjoy! 


Bacon, Potato and Veggie Hash and Eggs

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