It has been said that stress is a silent killer and a lot of illnesses can stem from stress.

People get stressed up from different areas and angles of their life which make a lot of things difficult for them. That’s why we are talking about stress this week.

Here are some things that stress Nigerians daily.

We asked on Instagram, tell us things that stress you out daily as a Nigerian. Here are the responses we got below:

  • ogem5    Traffic
  • sanshubris    Nigerians.
  • violaopara   Plumbing. Traffic. Mtn unstable connection. Phcn. Generator noise. Jungle justice. How unstable we really are as a nation. Water not clean. Oh you said 5 ?
  • freshtodommot Driving.power supply (both Gen and nepa (or whatever they are called these days).domestic staff
  • amosopefoluwa Uncivilized ppl, electrical power, traffic, heat and uncivilized ppl……Yh I had to mention that one twice.
  • specialagentjade The average Nigerian mentality, DRIVING, unstable electricity, general nonchalance and our lack of proper structure as a country.
  • phoria411    Horrible policemen everywhere, poor refuse disposal, lunatics roaming about and causing harm, an eager mob just waiting to lynch and a government that frustrates SMEs
  • ozuelewa    Just thinking of those things re already stressing the stress out of me! My plan is to be silent, only talk in prayers n try as much as possible to live up to my grand ma’s age who is 105…If not stress wld kill me ???
  • dolapo_obisesan   Nysc…phcn.. Nigeria.. Nigeria…Nigeria
  • zestyjuices  No light, data never enough, conversations cuts off without warning due to phone credit, people pay no attention to details and too many people don’t use deodorant
  • jerry_aisl 1. Noise ( car horn) 2. Airport 3. Corruption 4. Lazma 5 . Insecurity. But this is ?? nigea. And I love ❤️ it as it is. God bless Nigeria.
  • childpperfect   Electricity is a major problem…..

On Twitter we also asked, tell us things that stress you out daily as a person living in Nigeria.

Here are the responses below:

@Janetamarhavwie traffic, nepa, bad news, corrupt government, general poverty level is disturbing

@sunnywinehousse  govt, govt, govt, got, bad govt.

@g_okeke Traffic, Power, Security Agencies

@aeckay Weather, traffic, Account Balance, Poor services,  Nepa

@olurogba  Bad road, electricity, fuel issh, corruption, human beings

 @AramisDayne  Nigerians. Yorùbá people. Hausa people. Igbó people. Nepa


Gover…Govern ….Governm…. Governme…..Governmen….Government

@BusayoDurojaye Dirty environment, public transportation, heat, corruption, poor standard of living

@babestellNG Bad roads,  No light , Soot in the air, Terrible driving on old aba road, Poor quality work from artisan

@ayotola_ People. Traffic. Heat. The government. The future.

@Beyoncekazi  When I lived in Nigeria, traffic and jollof rice stressed me out.

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