Are you usually cranky when you haven’t eaten? You aren’t alone and science can prove it. So next time someone says “A Hungry man is an angry man”, just know that it’s true.

The word ‘hangry’ is a real thing. It’s the state of being hangry – or being grumpy and irritated when one is hungry – is actually real, and there is a scientific explanation for it.

The state of being hangry has something to do with your blood glucose levels.

All our food intake is converted into simple sugars, amino acids and free fatty acids, and these get distributed to different parts of the body through the blood. When the next meal is skipped or delayed, the amount of these substances in the blood begins to drop.

At a certain point, when the level of these substances becomes too low, the brain, which primarily depends on glucose for energy, alerts the body that it is in a life-threatening situation.

Hunger causes people to have difficulty concentrating or finding the right words to say. The drop of glucose in the brain also causes people to drop socially acceptable behavior, which makes them grumpy and irritable.


If you have a busy schedule, the best way to prevent being hangry is a regular routine or by preparing meals in advance.

You should always try to have a snack available too.

When food is available and convenient to reach, it can really help your hunger pangs. Nutritionists state that it’s best to eat every four hours to keep your mind and body focused. It is always best to keep on top of your food intake too, so even if you don’t feel hungry, you may want to have a little snack. If you’re watching your weight, it is very possible to keep things healthy even with snacks. Just be sure to explore the options available and read all the labels.



The best types of food to eat are ones that digest slowly like fiber. Protein is also a great option if you’re trying to ward off hunger while trying to lose weight.

If you do happen to miss a meal, you can always try to supplement with a piece of fruit. Fruit is packed with sugar that digests quickly and gets to where you need it quickly. It’s a perfect choice if you’re feeling hangry but still, have a few hours to go before another meal.

So there you have it: There is actual science that supports the concept of getting hangry. Now that you know it is not just you, you can do something to prevent the phenomenon. We all forget to eat every now and then, sometimes our lives are just that busy, but just because we forget doesn’t mean we have to be totally insufferable. Always try to keep snacks with you wherever you go, as they can really help reduce the symptoms of being hangry and keep your blood sugar levels stable.


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