As we continue to research about the Ketogenic diet to know what the craze is all about we had a chat with Blessing who has been on the diet for a while now.

Read our chat with here below:

They say diets aren’t sustainable, how have you managed to sustain this.
Highly sustainable for me, because the protein and fat keep me full unlike when I had to probably eat only vegetables or fruits.

Is it expensive?
I would say yes and no, if you start out trying to buy everything (i.e phylum husk, almond flour n the rest) yes that’s expensive and I would say no it’s not expensive if you stick to the simple things.

How fast do you see results?
I lost 5kg in three weeks.

Do you get cheat days?
I did my research, abitI found out it’s ok to break after 14days and increase your caa bit. So I get a cheat day after two weeks or three.

What are you allowed to eat?
Mostly fats, moderate protein and no carbs or sugar. All kinds of soups, all kinds of meat (not processed as sugar could have been added), coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, avocado, cabbage, cucumber, garden eggs, eggs, heavy whipping cream, butter, cheese, mayonnaise and almond nuts. (With this diet I realized how much sugar most fruits had, n it did stall my weight loss even if I was working out, it’s helped me cut down my sugar intake)

What aren’t you allowed to eat?
Carbs and Sugar (rice, Garri, yam etc)

Did you ever struggle to stay with it?
This has been the best diet so far for me, it’s sustainable and I still get to eat what I love without feeling like I’m on a diet. No struggle

Do you have cravings sometimes?
Well, i do, I try to get a replica like a bake almond bread, make Keto puff puff… There is always a way out without compromising.

Did you notice any disadvantages of the diet?
No, only the good stuff. I’m leaning out faster, no unnecessary pains with my cycle, my skin looks good n I’m not starving.

What was your weight when you started and what is it now?
75kg – 70kg
Any words for people trying out the diet?
I know a lot of people are against Keto, I was too until I gave it a try. I would say consult your doctor first and give it a try to see if it’s something that works for you.
P.S:  Most weight loss plan too are mostly low carbs and no sugar, don’t let anyone try to talk you out and sell you the same thing.

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