This week on the show we are talking about one of the most trending diets right now, the Ketogenic diet. We want to know what all the fuss is about and we started by asking out users on social media and the truppr app.

We asked different questions and here are the responses we got below;

Truppr App we asked, Who has tried the Keto Diet, How did it go?

Here are the replies we got below:

Lanre: There’s always something in vogue, tomorrow it’ll be another diet. Never sustainable! A lot of people actually ask if I’m on a ketogenic diet because they are seeing noticeable changes and results of my fitness style.

Aybee: In fact the side effects are what scare me. I always wonder and they’ve given all sorts of explanation for them like “Keto flu”, I mean I don’t get it, lose weight if you want, which one is flu?  I’ll stick to my method of I have gone from 105kg to 83kg in 6 months by eating clean and working out.

Ebere: The only keto I know is the one I wore back in my school days.

Femi: I don’t do diets, you can’t maintain them for the rest of your life. Choose healthy lifestyle

Sherifat:  I was on keto and it helped me achieve my weight and health goals. I’m now on maintenance and doing exercises. You are allowed to eat carbs – just very little.

Joy: I started 2 weeks ago, a lot of fat, moderate protein and very low carbs.

Moji: Tired it for nearly two weeks, I lost 2kg, but once I tasted biscuits I started eating everything I had missed. I have gained the weight back. Keto is clearly not for me, first time I ever tried a diet and it’s the last. No commitment.

On Instagram we asked: Tell us, have you tried the keto diet and how did it go?

Some of the replies below:

largerthanlifealice Am on it! To me it’s the easiest diet ever! It been two weeks and I’m loving it!

jiiresjewel No. I just know it is a method used by people to lose weight. How effective it is and how genuinely it is, is what I don’t know and not sure of.

patnfat Yes. Good.

mzaiona I know someone doing this and is constantly hungry. I have no idea what’s up with all these fad diets… sigh

fitnfabulousbee I’m on it too, helped me realize my relationship with carbs n sugar. Definitely, will introduce good carbs at the end but lessons learnt from Keto is the best thing that ever happened in my weight loss journey.

bimpeeky I have tried it, and it works very well, I really loved it, but I missed my gari ijebu??? even though I tried the cucumber gari, it was nice but I still miss my gari and groundnut, it actually helps in lowering blood pressure, it’ also helped in my pcos, the facial hair wasnt growing so rapidly as usual, so it’s a good one, so far so good, less carbs.

bolajuwon I tried it but my tummy didn’t go down though I lost some weight.

lawyeritohan  I am on the life style and it’s going very well

lchffunky  Yes, and it works. I’m 10 – 12 kg down depending on when I weigh myself.

risqotkitchen  Yes.its been so helpful. I lost 14kg so far

flooow678 I have tried it I have been on the lifestyle for 10months lost a total of 23kg to date

_ugwadynamic It a wonderful way of losing weight.

healthnhealthy I have, lasted from 8am to 10am same day ?????

On Twitter we asked the same question,  Have you tried the Keto diet, tell us about it.

@jiiresjewel Have been seeing it everywhere. What is this ketogenic really about? I understand it is about losing weight but I still don’t get it.

@splokee the best diet I have ever seen and had. It works like magic.  Thanks keto

@SellyGambo my sister and aunt are on the keto diet and they seem to be aging backwards.

She_Who_Is  I want to. But there’s like too many things out there to read, got me all confused. Smh.

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