We are all about the Ketogenic diet this week, so we decided to talk to people who have gone on the diet to get their opinion about it.

The first person we had a chat with was Ike-Onu Uchechukwu Victoria who has been on the diet for about a month and is seeing serious results.

Here are some questions we asked her below and her’s what she had to say:

They say diets aren’t sustainable, how have you managed to sustain this?

It’s a struggle to sustain it, but because I’m trying to lose 16kg in 3 months I’m sticking to it. Keto isn’t a realistic and sustainable diet. But it takes determination and how fast you want to see results to stick to it. And I saw a lot of results in a month

Is it an expensive diet?

I don’t like to admit it, but yes it is very expensive. Expensive when you want to variety but if you don’t the diet plan is just basic and also boring. Variety helps you feel like you aren’t missing out.

How fast do you see results on a Ketogenic diet?

For me, it was almost immediately. The first 2 weeks I lost 5kg and a total of 8kg in a month.  I have only been on it for a month.

Do you get cheat days?

I would be on keto from Monday to Saturday then have a cheat day on Sunday and eat my “Sunday rice” but I had to stop because I felt I was cheating myself.

All those weeks I had my Sunday cheat days I didn’t count them in my weight loss journey, I started afresh then started started counting my days I didn’t cheat or have any craving atall.sometimes I would see rice and yogurt they wouldn’t even interest me

What aren’t you allowed to eat?

You are not allowed to eat almost everything!  For people starting the diet and want to lose weight (not maintenance) you are not allowed to eat rice, pasta(any meal that has carbohydrate)oat, tomato, carrot, eba or any kind of swallow.

You can’t use just any kind of mayonnaise, egusi soup, icecream, yoghurt, bread, you can’t use any kind of oil for frying instead use coconut oil.

Do you have cravings sometimes?

Yes!!! Well when I was 1 week into keto I craved yogurt it was very bad.Also rice! Rice is my go-to meal but I couldn’t eat it. I also craved regular salad with carrot and the full dressing.

I think having a craving is just a mindset because after I decided to be serious with my diet, I didn’t have any craving whatsoever. I was determined to loose weight.

Did you notice any disadvantages of the diet?

If you do keto for a long time – your body might not be able to fully process normal food. I’m saying this from my experience – I hadn’t eaten rice,  fried yam, plantain or akara in a month and when I finally had some I threw up.

When I’m done “ketoing” I would gradually start introducing low carbs because I can’t keto forever. 

What was your weight when you started and what is it now?

I weighed 84.5 kg when I started  Now I weigh 76.5kg

I have lost 8kg – with the help of the keto diet and working out.

You must have some restrictions when it comes to this diet – Especially eating out. 

Restrictions? Yes!! A lot of restrictions, I think I became antisocial at a point because I didn’t want to cheat.no restaurant serves just keto-compliant meals so I didn’t go out much. I actually never went for lunch with my friends in my first month because I didn’t want to be tempted, I would prefer they come over.
If I did go out, I go out with my food in my car so when I get hungry I eat that instead of compromising. But the good thing about keto is that it has alternatives and when I learnt about the meals I could substitute I was soo excited.

For example, I can substitute rice with cauliflower and substitute regular yogurt with Greek yogurt. All the Suya spots in Abuja became my hangout spots because you can eat suya.

That was when I could now go for lunch dates and we would have Greek yogurt and suya, but it can get boring sometimes. I also looked for alternatives like when I go for breakfast with my friends I opt for an English breakfast with out the pancakes, bread, oat or baked beans.

It’s not an easy diet but I have learnt to improvise. I had to learn how to make coconut oil myself since I couldn’t fry with regular oil. I would make the coconut oil and use the chaff to make my swallow.

I just want to say the ketogenic diet works IF you stick it and don’t cheat. Reduce cheat days or rather don’t have any at all until you see an obvious change in your body.
Have a mindset of how you want to look and how long you are on the diet for, it can be boring but it’s pretty easy and straight forward.


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