For the recently concluded marathon, we had a participant who attempted to break the Guinness book of world record for the fastest marathon skipping. Stephen runs a fitness company –

Stephen runs a fitness company –I run idanskip concepts Nigeria, the First and Only Jumprope Initiative in Nigeria, Providing you with Dance and Jumprope Challenges to help and improve your Fitness Lifestyle as you achieve your ultimate goal.

We had a chat with him about skipping through the marathon, read all about it below:

Was This Your First Marathon? 

Can I Say YES and NO (Smiles)

I was at the last marathon only because a few of my Dance clients asked if I could join them as they were only going to participate half way through the marathon, and I was like “well …. thinking in Head, I have never actually done this before….”  that was how I was pulled in last minute, though.

We understand you skipped through it this year,  What inspired you to attempt to break a world record?

Yes, I skipped the entire 42KM, But I didn’t do it alone. I did it with the help of my friends and clients who gave me the moral support and believed in me that I could do it but most of all God for seeing me through even though it got to that point where I wanted to give up.

What Inspired Me? Honestly, I have no idea at all, I was just ready to Overcome my fear and raise the bar to another height in my Dance and jump rope career.

The Guinness world record of the FASTEST MARATHON SKIPPING is 4 HRS 28 MINS 48 SECS.  This record time was my driving force in overcoming my fear and reaching greater heights for myself, my attempt to even try it, not to think of breaking it was just to dare myself that I can achieve anything I put my mind to do.

In other to achieve greatness you must let go of everything you know and become someone else. Limitations are all in your head because you say it can’t be done.

Let’s just say I was MAD. and as my friend Derenle Edun would define it as “Making A Difference”  I guess I was MAD at that point in my life!

What were some of the challenges you faced? 

The Challenges I Faced started from the start point.

Unlike everyone else running or jogging, I was attempting something out of the ordinary and this required a lot of space, space we are looking at was like about 5/6 feet’s divided evenly on each side. I got a lot of stares and it was as if people didn’t understand what I was doing.

Also, I had no glucose, no form of Adrenaline pumping liquid (well I was just looking for something with SUGAR).

Some of the Volunteers were just withholding drinks and water at some of the water and refreshment points.

There was this one time on third mainland Bridge I had to go 6KM without anything … that was the point I wanted to just quit but God and people’s encouragements gave me the push to move on.

And more so Nigerians need to look beyond themselves and see from a brighter picture, there was this time on Palm groove to Anthony these Guys kept Stopping my evolutions ( the circular motion when skipping) over and over, for every time I pass them and when they are about to pass me the stop my evolutions.

How long did you train for? 

Now, this is the part I fully agree I was MAD, I didn’t start training longer hours until a week to the marathon. 

I originally just dance with my jump rope as a new fun way that I created, and it’s also a fascinating dance and jump rope workout experience called idanskip ( I – Dan – Skip) I do this for about 2 – 3 hours depending on how the day is.

I didn’t train for a marathon like I was supposed to because I had never done it before, I’d say the excitement that I was going to skip a full heart Marathon was my training.  I’m more than happy that I had this experience Next time I’d be more prepared.

What was your major support system and inspiration behind the race? 

The Words of everyone that supported me in person and on social media, more from God. Also, the look on peoples faces when they hear that I would be Skipping the marathon.

What time did you finish? 

I happy to say that I finished at a time of 6 HRS 38 MINS (I didn’t pay attention to the seconds because I was to happy that I finished)

Will you be giving it a second attempt?


But this time with a better strategy and hopefully I get a company to sponsor me through the race. With a better strategy: my own refreshments, energy bars etc. And also Set a record for myself and maybe even beat the GWR ( Goals! )

What’s a major thing you took away from the marathon?

The marathon opened my eyes to see better views of myself and my brand so I’m taking idanskip to the World!

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