This a golden opportunity to know or rather learn what the colour of your pee truly says about your health. Nothing wrong in looking to see how it turns out when you pee.


You are super hydrated. Possibly even over-hydrated. If it’s crystal clear, chill on the water.

Pale yellow or Transparent yellow
You’re drinking enough water. Keep up the good work!

Dark yellow
The more concentrated the yellow gets, the less hydrated you are. Seeing honey or marigold tints? Focus on drinking more water so your body can do its thing (you know, keeping you alive and healthy) to the best of its ability.


Amber or Honey
Your body isn’t getting enough water. Drink some water If you notice that your urine is often amber-colored, consciously try to drink more water to help your body get rid of waste more effectively.

There might be old blood in your urine, or you could have a serious liver infection.

Red or pink
This is a sign that there’s fresh blood in your urine, which is a warning of infection or potentially something more serious, like kidney issues or even cancer.

So, what colour is your pee?


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