For the next few days, we will be featuring some of the people who ran in the 2nd Lagos marathon that held last Saturday.

Today we had a chat with Osaze Ezekiel, read our conversation below:

This was my first Marathon. I started my fitness journey in 2011, and I have been going from one phase to another. I had taken time off running in 2016 to concentrate on total body workout exercises.

I had gone through the Original “Insanity”, “T25”, “Insanity max out” and even “Cize” exercise videos. I started running again in August when one of my friends invited me to join the Truppr community; my first run back was the Kwavithon 5km run.

In the New Year, another friend informed me of the Lagos marathon, and I said why not, I can do this; I had by this time started running 3 to 6 km (3 times) during the week and 8kms on the weekend. It was a new challenge to my mind, body, and soul.

Speaking about the marathon: 

 How did you train?

I trained four times a week. Three times alone during the week and on weekends for a long run with friends. It was more of a crash Marathon training. I did break some personal performance for 5km, 10km and a Half Marathon (of course I would break the Half Marathon record, I had never run it before the training, lol)

Did you think you stood a chance of winning? Lol, I never stood a chance of winning not with my training and the Kenyans running the race.

Was it what you imagined?

It wasn’t what I imagined. The people, the general vibe, the terrain were exhilarating. I had run half marathons during training on routes I became used to, but there was an element of the unknown with the marathon landscape.

 What would you like to have been done differently?

I would have liked to have trained longer and better. I felt myself getting better daily, during training but I only got to train for the marathon for six weeks. And the organizers should allow the final water points stay until the end of the marathon.

Will you do it again?

I would do it again. In fact, I believe I can do better next year beating my personal marathon record.

 When did you finish? I finished in 5 hours 20 mins.

 What would you say is the purpose of a marathon? Total body wellbeing and to foster sportsmanship.

Did you take a break from running after this? If yes when will you be back?

After the race, I told myself I wasn’t running for a week but by Monday, I was already itching to get back and I should be back running on Wednesday the 15th.

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