For the next few days, we will be featuring some of the people who ran in the 2nd Lagos marathon that held last Saturday.

Today we had a chat with Nnamdi Lupee who is a first-time marathoner. He talked about his inspiration to run, his expectation and the overall experience. Read our chat below:

Yes, it was my first marathon ever. I ran due to the fact I love challenges, for fun and to test my endurance level. When I first heard about the marathon (even though I had never done one before)I knew immediately I must give it a trial.

The grand prize money was a very long shot for me but I still fancied getting a certificate and also a medal hence I was motivated to compete and complete the marathon.

I personally believe everyone that crossed the finish line is a winner.I didn’t think I stood the chance of winning the grand prize money, At the end, I won a medal and a certificate of participation which means a lot to me.

Was it what you imagined?

Not exactly, it was more challenging and demanding than I anticipated but it was worth it in the end.

What would you like to have been done differently?

The Lagos city marathon was organised perfectly well and it met up the requirements of an international marathon. The only thing I would like to have been done differently is to create a measure to authentic and verify if an athlete thoroughly completed the whole course of the race.

Will you do it again?

Yes I’ll definitely do it again, the thrill from running the marathon was quite exhilarating for me.

How did you train for the marathon?

I trained alongside Truppr Gbagada fitfam group, I devouted lot of hours for the training. We embarked on several runs, laps and power walks this prepared me adequately for the marathon.

What time did you finish the marathon?

  I didn’t finish the marathon in the best time, it took me close to 6hours to fully complete the course. At some point in the race I had to power walk..

For me he adds,  “The purpose of a marathon to me is bringing all manner of athletes from the professional to the amatuers, to complete a unique race, each having their own desire for running but in the end the ultimate goal is finishing the race and getting a feeling of accomplishment and euphoria at the end.”

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