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Located on the Mainland, Yaba is a growing place not only for business and residential purposes but also a place that harbours a community of fitness enthusiasts.

It didn’t happen out of the blues or did we wake one morning to see that Truppr started having 5 events every week in Yaba.  As they say one step at a time, Truppr users in Yaba gradually formed a community focusing on fitness and fun. It started with the UNILAG Run on Saturday, then Metafitness presents Capoeira on the rooftop and in couple of weeks the swimming events at Andoyi that happens every Fridays then Tuesdays and Thursdays Night run.


Couple of months ago,  we featured Obasolape Abiola for bringing the Yaba community of Truppr users together for the UNILAG run on Saturdays, started up with few people then started to grow and to more people getting together on Saturdays for a fun morning run with other fitness enthusiasts. The UNILAG run has grown to not only hold on Saturdays but Tuesday and Thursday nights, having new members joining in on this fun fitness event every week. The ever danceathon (An event where fitness enthusiasts come together to dance, have fun and burn calories) was hosted in Yaba by Adeola Elijah. We didn’t know what to expect but we can say everyone had fun, sweated and decided to do it again (Our boss even had to burst out a few moves).

IMG_7638 IMG_7642 IMG_7635

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We have all heard of Taekwondo, Karate and Judo, as kids some of us even attempted them behind our parents’ back (Side eye Segun) but very few people know of the Brazilian martial arts dance, Capoeira. An usual sports or form of fitness, capoeira has become an effective way to stay fit, have fun and learn moves for self defence. Capoeira will improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina, thus improving your overall fitness. Once you start to take capoeira seriously you can become the picture of fitness.

[youtube]  IMG_7736

Learn and do something different everyday, join Metafitness presents Capoeira on the Rooftop which happens every Wednesday evenings.


We have seen various events been set up by Truppr users who aren’t fitness instructors but are lovers of  fun fitness activities, working out with people who are looking to achieve the same goal – stay healthy and keep fit. More events will be set up regularly in Yaba such as Yoga, Tennis, Aerobics, Basketball and Soccer. 



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