Taje Prest is a TV personality, a health and fitness coach who likes to explore new ways to keep her body healthy and fit.

She is a goal-driven individual, she loves music, travelling, books, fashion, fitness, nutrition, photography and a bunch of interests she gets to discover every day as she grows.

As someone who loves a challenge, she will be sharing her breakfast with us for the rest of the week.

Monday – Eggs, Strawberry & Apple Smoothie, With Lemon & Lime Infused Water. 

Breakfast today was very simple and quick.  First thing at 7:32 am I had a glass of water with apple cider vinegar.  

I had two eggs with ugwu, tomatoes, and onions, a strawberry and apple smoothie, with water and loads of lemon and lime. 

Total breakfast calories – 380 calories


  • Semi Scrambled Eggs = 244 calories 
  • Two fried eggs in no oil =180 calories 
  • A cup of chopped ugwu = 14 calories
  • One tomato = 22 calories
  • One small onion = 28 calories 

Season to taste: I used sea salt, Maggie and Cameron pepper: milk together and fry. The water from the tomato allows it to fry without oil. 

                  Smoothie Recipe: 

  • Strawberry and apple smoothie = 119 calories
  • Roughly 4 calories per strawberry used 6 strawberries = 24 calories
  • 1 apple = 95 calories 
  • Blend and Serve 
  • Water with lemon = 10-17 calories because of the lemon.

Eggs, Strawberry & Apple Smoothie, with Lemon & Lime Infused Water.


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