I remember when I was younger we played this game “Traffic” (I think that was the name) so in this game whenever the “LASTMA” person shouted ‘Green’ you should see the way we sprinted like Jollof rice was about to finish, then ‘Yellow’ this is where you need to be prepared and actually move faster (The mentality started from childhood for most of us) then as soon as the LASTMA smallie shouts ‘Red’ you need to freeze if your leg is mid air, let it just hang but trust your home girl, I was always ‘Gone with the Breeze’ I couldn’t just find my balance so my official post during the game was ‘LASTMA’ Baby-LASTMA-422x336

My mum didn’t even help matters; I had one very special nickname from her ‘Kpanla’. So I decided that if Muhammed won’t go to the mountain, the mountain shall visit, fast forward to my university days I started the unhealthy eating group; me, myself and my belly because multivitamins weren’t working for me, I started taking 2 spoons of mayonnaise (yup salad cream) every morning and night, the pizza joint close to my apartment knew me and my order (extra cheese) and my fairy godmother answered me and I blew up.


Gained weight but it came with issues, all the ‘Mendemende’ I was consuming started making me lazy, tired, sleepy, unproductive e.t.c then I moved back to Lagos and lost a bit of weight (Thanks to Lagos wahala) joined Truppr then met Esta who shared with me I could gain weight the healthy way and I wasn’t alone in this journey. I always thought exercising was just for those who wanted to lose weight but with a couple of exercises and healthy eating I have gotten to a place where I’m happy with how I look now and Truppr members have helped me stay disciplined (Although I fall sometimes, I’m only human).

So if you have any stories on how Truppr has helped you with your journey send to

Written by – Oge Odilibe is the communications manager at Truppr, food lover, Selectively weird, cyclist with training wheels and Social Nuisance.

Twitter and Instagram – Nwachi3f


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