New year, new goals. It’s a new year in a couple of days and it’s time to set fitness goals for 2017.

Setting goals are super easy, executing them might be a challenge. We have asked over 500 Nigerians what their fitness goals are for 2017 and we decided to compile a list to make them stick.

Set Achievable Goals

First, you need to set achievable and realistic goals. You might not be able to juggle so many things, so it is better to focus on one thing and stick to that religiously.

Plan Ahead

If your goal is to workout 30mins a day, select a time that works best for you. You can plan better by selecting the exact workout routines you’ll be doing and do a weekly or monthly plan as to how you will execute them.

Plan Rewards 

If your goal is to get visible abs, you might set your reward to be a crop top or a new bathing suit. Anticipating that reward will help you reach your goals faster.

The best way to make your resolution stick is finding someone to be accountable to, someone who can motivate you and encourage you all the way.  So, if you aren’t on truppr yet download the app and get you a workout buddy.


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