A journey to the active lifestyle is a very rewarding one and there are some struggles on the way for every new fitfam.

During your journey, they’ll be many firsts – You first HIIT Session , Your First day at the gym , First Run , and so much more.

There are some very common struggles everyone has had to face and we want to review them today. Have a look at struggles every newbie fit fam can relate to below ;

When you finally start eating clean and all the food isn’t sweet like they said 


Can we get a witness? Kale is slightly bitter – and when you try it you go and look up the meaning of slightly because you are confused.

Body Pain After Your First Rigorous Workout 


I can’t say much about other workout routines , but after working on your lower body , you might not be able to walk well for some days. Especially after squats – going down the stairs becomes a struggle.

When you still can’t see your abs after various workout challenges 


But you worked out , where are the results ? You begin to ask so many questions.

When Your Friends are Going For Ice cream But You Can’t Indulge 


Not every day is ‘cheat day’ , so sometimes you have to say no to temptation.

Finding Your First Workout Buddy 



Whether you are doing Home exercises or going to a gym , you will eventually find a workout buddy and it will be the best thing ever.

When You Clothes No Longer Fit 


Those size 16 pants are now falling off your waist – Yes!!!

When Someone Asks If You’ve been working out 


You noticed ? Thanks , Yes I have.


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