I can’t begin to imagine how I would feel if Monday morning was my child. Coming home from school and your child with tears in her eyes asking why kids don’t like her and why Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Semi hated) are the most loved kids in school.


Here are 5ways to be an awesome Monday person.

Monday morning, Mondays at work, Mondays

This breaks my heart. Mondays suck.


  • Your Outfits
Monday morning, Monday motivation, Mondays at work

“Yeah, photo shoot fresh, lookin like wealth, I’m ’bout to call the paparazzi on myself.” – Shawn ‘Jay-z Carter

Lay those clothes out the day before and begin to feel good about rocking your outfits for Monday. Why? This helps in boosting your confidence for the day what you wear could discern how confident you feel about yourself. Some people who find it so hard to present themselves in a manner that shows even the littlest level of confidence. Switch up your outfits for Monday.


  • Schedule Your Monday 
Monday morning, Monday motivation, Mondays at work

Schedule your Mondays a day before but never on a Monday.


The way you schedule your brain to type TGIF on a Friday (Happy hour children) do the same for Mondays. Begin to love waking up on Mondays! Back in school, my psychology lecturer always said to us “Fake it till you make it” and from my personal experience I honestly believe in this quote because I made it work for me. “Engaging our brain in our healthy-busy life provides opportunities to learn and grow. This actually helps our brain continue to form new neural connections throughout our lifespan.” – Dr Christina Hibbert, a clinical psychologist.

Start with an affirmation – I’m excited about Monday because it’s 4 days closer to the weekend.



  • Does Your Job Suck?
Monday morning, Monday motivation, Mondays at work

Mondays at work

If you don’t have a job, move to the next point. If you do, continue reading. Your job shouldn’t be like a cotton farm and you singing the ‘Negro spirituals’ while you work. Some of you people dread Monday meetings which can already kill your work mode. See the positive side of that gathering and take advantage of it, coming prepared to work and taking pointers on how to improve can make your Monday mornings solid.

  • Food

Monday morning, Monday motivation, Mondays at work

“You are what you eat” is an extremely popular quote when you are trying to reach those with weight goals but did you know that food also help boost your mood? While a brisk walk and meditation can also help a foul mood, let’s face it: Sometimes you just want to eat your Monday troubles away. Start with a healthy breakfast, keep it simple and the go- fruits, eggs, chicken, sandwich e.t.c

  • Music

This is my department! Right from my bed – prayer, check my favourite gossip blogs, stretch, stalk a few people then hit my Monday playlist. Upbeat and bumping my head while chopping my mouth to some rap songs on my very annoying playlist. Music has the power to affect your mood – can get you angry, sad and really excited. Hormones related to that “get up and go” you feel in the morning begin to peak at around breakfast-time. Get a Monday morning playlist – by putting on some light, easy and cheery music shortly after you awaken each morning. Encourage this activity and watch your mood change each morning.

At the end of the day, Monday looking at you like

Monday morning, Mondays at work, Mondays

What other ways can you use to change your attitude to your Monday mornings? Share with us incase we missed out on something.

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