People will tell you that they have tried everything to keep the weight off, from diets to all kinds of exercising routines.  Others might have achieved their weight goals but are unable to sustain it.

Let’s check out some reasons why you might not be able to keep the weight off ;

Physiological Factors 


We may have other underlying medical conditions, such as “hormonal imbalances” or we may be on medications that are causing weight gain.

Metabolic Factors


Most people gain weight because they have abnormally low metabolisms. Although some people are just born with low metabolisms, everyone’s metabolism gets lower as they get older. Sometimes, when the body is put on a program and loses weight, it reacts to the weight loss by further lowering the metabolism.

Behavioural Factors

We may have routines and habits that are contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle and weight. A sedentary lifestyle falls into this category. Exercise is essential to controlling weight and preventing future health problems. It is also important to increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass in order to efficiently burn calories.

Environmental Factors


Our home and work environments play important roles in our health. We may be exposed to pollutants, chemicals and radiation.

Emotional Factors


Stress, anger, grief and joy are just some of the emotions that we may be expressing or hiding with food. Stress eating is a contributing factor to weight gain.

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