There are two kinds of people in this world, those who go to the gym and those who don’t. Going to the gym can be very exciting, you get to use so many types of equipment and you stay motivated.

So, we want to check out the regular people at every gym. ¬†It’s very easy to spot these 5 people at every gym;



One without the other, they are never apart. They scream words of encouragement to one another and they just give everyone squad goals.

Those Who Never Get It


They can fall off a thread mill or spoil machines. Yes!!! You know them, they are at every gym.

Those Who Push themselves to hard

Exercising is one thing and just going overboard is another. These people aren’t necessarily bodybuilders – they just over do it. They can decide to run backward on a thread mill or lift 4 weights at once. They are usually the noisemakers too.

The Skinny girl 


Firstly, going to the gym doesn’t equal to trying to lose weight. However there’s always one skinny girl at every gym, she has everyone’s body goals and they do the most intense workouts. Some of us are jealous others just hate her guts.

Hot trainer


What’s a gym without a super attractive trainer? The one that won’t count your push-ups until you get to 20 , always shouting and reminding you to focus .

Did we miss out anyone ? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Anosi

    The Skinny girl. That’s me ):