This week on #TrupprChat we are talking about Active and Healthy Lifestyle for senior citizens.

We have taken to  social media and the Truppr app to ask questions relating to the topic – “Promoting a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for Senior Citizens

 We raised questions which included ;  What exercises are best for people over 50? Have you ever tried to get your parents active ? How did it go?

Here are some of the responses we got below;

On the Truppr App we asked, Have you ever tried to get your parents active ? How did it go?

Kole : My dad tried to run with me once, I was too fast for him. He completed the distance and has never gone with me again. He does short walks in the area though.

Deola: My mum does jumping jacks anytime she sees me skipping

Tunmise : My dad ia all mouth doing nothing. My mum on the other hand waks on the treadmill 20minutes a day

On Facebook we asked the same question ; we got these responses below

Gift Nkesi Hahahahaha my mum doesn’t think it’s for d elderly. Didn’t go well

Oluwabukola Iji Did not go well at all!!!

On twitter we asked the best exercises for people above 50 and here are the responses we got below;

@Dagbeyon_Thomas  Walking briskly, my Dad does that for about 1hr 30 mins, 4 times a week.

@Boluwa__ Walking , cycling

On Instagram we asked, Have you ever tried to get your parents active ?

kachizubby   My mom will constantly remind me dat she is nt a young lady any more BT an old woman, though it was fun

owana_tee Hehehe my parents are over active o. We play bball during the weekends! And sometimes we exercise together sef@truppr where is my prize ??? Lol! Have a good week

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