If you are serious about wanting to stay fit, healthy or lose weight, then you cannot do without cardiovascular exercises. Cardio routines includes running, jogging, skipping, running up a hill etc. These routines are for everyone, both old and young, a must do before starting any form of exercising, they set the pace for a good workout. These sets of routines are so important that light doses are prescribed for cardiac patients. Why? Because it is the only way to exercise arguably the most important feature in the human body ‘The Heart’, greatly increasing its functionality.

Some cardio routines, such as skipping are more tedious than others, but if you are looking for the easiest, fun, yet effective of them all, then its a ‘run’. Running can be fast paced (a dash) or calculated steps(a jog), regardless of which of the two you choose, be rest assured you are burning appreciable calories. It refreshes the heart, allowing it pump blood efficiently to supply all parts of the body, clearing blockages along the passage ways, saving the body from severe health conditions and also serving as the genesis of all other body functions.

Are you finding it difficult to have a morning run/jog for safety reasons? Or you just lack the needed motivation? Then, the #Truppr 5km run is just for you!

The Truppr 5km run is an ideal distance that ensures your heart is exercised and calories burnt while enjoying the company of new/old friends and having fun all the way!

The most interesting part of it all, wait for this……….. Its FREE!!!!! There will be free #Truppr vests for everyone and gifts for the first few participants who finish the run!

So what are you waiting for?!!! Sign up today at truppr.com and join a run close to you!

Abuja: https://www.truppr.com/398/truppr-5k-run-abuja-second-edition
Ile-Ife: https://www.truppr.com/386/truppr-5k-run-2-ile-ife
Lagos: https://www.truppr.com/399/truppr-5k-run-lagos-4
Port-Harcourt: https://www.truppr.com/397/truppr-5k-run-port-harcourt
Douala: https://www.truppr.com/396/truppr-5k-run-douala
Accra: https://www.truppr.com/368/truppr-5k-run-accra

All happening on the 19th of July 2014. Be a part of it.


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