It is no longer news that there is a group of people that are known as team Fit Fam–folks that want to look fit and healthy. They’ll be seen going on runs, swimming, aerobics and dancing classes. Some of them are fond of posting their progress using apps and then sharing them to twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
Many a time I meet people who want to keep fit too, but complain of being too busy and hence do not have time to engage in one form of exercise/sport or the other. I have a friend who works a bank job, but she still goes for a run two to three times weekly.

How does she do it?

She has a car and drives herself. What she does is, she puts her running kit–shoes, short and vest–in the trunk of her car and keeps another set of running kit at home. When there’s so much traffic and it is going to take forever for her to get home, what she does is, she parks her car at the office and changes into her training kits and goes for a run. At occasions that she doesn’t have to wade through traffic to get home, she gets home, change into her training kits and goes for a run.
She has in this way built running, her favorite form of exercise, into her routine, even with her very busy routine as a banker.

How am I doing it in my own case?

I use Truppr to find and keep up with the sporting activities that I enjoy participating in. I love to run and I love football. Every other month, there’s a 5 km Truppr run. I take my time to prepare for the run. This keeps me active week after week. On Saturdays, I join other Truppr fans to play football in Lagos.
I use RunKepper and Fitbit to track my different activities. I ensure that I make an average of 10,000 steps everyday. I measure my steps against that of other friends that I have added that use Fitbit like I do. This serves like a kind of motivation to me. I have observed that some form of competition helps me to keep track and make fitness a way of life for me.

If you’re in Lagos, I’d love to run side by side with you one of these Monthly Truppr runs. first, while not check out Truppr and see if there’s any event scheduled that you might want to be a part of.
There are people that do not like being associated with the “kool keeds” (cool kids). There are those who love to move with the “Kool Keeds”. Whichever way you look at it, joining Truppr is cool and we are making it super fun.

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