Your diet is a major part of your lifestyle and when they say you are what you eat – they mean it. We are giving you 3 reasons why you can’t out – exercise a bad diet.

Have a look at the reasons below, and remember that exercise sustains weight loss — but a healthy diet is what drives it.

  • You won’t be able to tone your target areas.

Target areas are places where you want to work on, so when you consume excess calories and can’t burn them all off solely from your workouts, they head right to these trouble zones.

So even if you’ve gained muscle in these areas, it will be covered by a layer of fat. And exercises alone aren’t enough to decrease your body fat percentage or abdominal fat.

Keeping your diet in check will help because to become truly toned, you’ll need to build muscle and burn more calories than you’re consuming at the same time.

  • You won’t want to exercise.

Unhealthy food choices — whether you’re eating too much fat, too many calories, or not enough of either—may make you feel slow and less driven to exercise. When you eat well, you are motivated to move, and when you move, you are more motivated to eat better.

  • You won’t be able to hit your peak if you’re overdoing it with the wrong foods.

To effectively change your physique and stay toned requires intense exercise. You won’t have the physical endurance to push through tough workouts if your diet isn’t exactly healthy.

Keep your diet clean and work out intense and you will reach your goals in no time.

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