Outdoor exercising is an important part of staying active, and it’s a huge step when you decided to start walking, jogging or running in your neighborhood. But before you do, make sure that you can exercise safely in your neighborhood.

Safety should always be at the top of your mind, we have some tips on exercising in your neighborhood

Avoid Busy Roads

exercising in your neighborhood

You shouldn’t be exercising in the busiest part of your neighborhood, stick to not so busy roads. This enables you to exercise in a more calm and serene environment.


Don’t Exercise At Odd HoursĀ 

It understandable that when balancing work with your active life you might not have the time for outdoor exercising, but you should avoid running between 10pm – 5am, try and do your exercises when the day is bright.

Get a Buddy

Exercising in your neighborhood

Workout buddies are great, for encouragement and also good company. Getting a workout buddy will constantly encourage you and motivate you.


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