We are discussing obesity in Children on Truppr Chat this week and we will like to do a rundown of what everyone is saying.

We wanted to know want what some of the causes of obesity in kids are and how they can be prevented.

On the  Truppr App we asked, ” What do you think causes obesity in children ?”

Here are some of the responses we got below;

  • Linda Okafor : Just one word, they call it “indiscipline”
  • Bosun @ Truppr :  I think at the age is more of the parents’ responsibility
  • Adeola “Zeus” Elijah : The parents
  • Femi-Abena Abena : Their parents giving them  all wrong things to eat, chips, pizza , ice cream and driving them everywhere
  • Ozonweke Ujunwa : Bad eating habits

Via Facebook we also asked the different causes of obesity in children, here are some of the comments we got below;

On Instagram we asked what the causes of obesity in children and different ways it can be prevented.

Check out what people said causes obesity in kids.

Comments on how it can be prevented:

On Twitter as well we asked people to let us know what some of the causes of child obesity is, have a look at responses below;

babestell @babestellNG

@truppr noodles,  24 hours tv watching,  not going on errands or strolls,  not playing  with sand outside, too much junk food, drivers

Tunde @Tundegiwa

Causes are genetics, eating habit, lack of physical activity(exercise), psychological issues(depression) etc

Boluwa the Voice @Boluwa__

Lack of physical activity …. or bad eating habits – which brings us back to their parents.

Adnan aeckae.esq @aeckay


Let us know what you think causes obesity in children and how it can be prevented. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Remember to use the hashtag  #TrupprChat .

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