The first Truppr Elite Runner event  in Lagos held last week on Saturday, 12th of August 2016.

Truppr Elite Runners is a running club for active runners who want to push beyond their comfort zone. It’s for both those who want to train towards running longer distances as well as experienced runners looking to improve their run time.



Our first training session saw 13 runners compete in total. Of this number, 7 runners went all out and tackled the 15 km course while the rest went for the 10km route.

The route was designed for maximum mental effort as instead of a circuit, it was a stretch with runners returning the same way they ran. This was designed to maximise their focus and build determination. Every one of the runners completed the course and times have been shared with members of Truppr Elite Runners.

The best time for the 10km was Gil who completed the 10km course in **55 minutes 53 seconds**. For the 15km the fastest time was Muyiwa who came in at **1 hour 18 minutes**.


After the run, club members were given a chance to contribute to their personal vision for Truppr Elite Runners. The club is intended to be a community effort and we all have a hand in making it a success.

It was agreed that;

– Club dues would be made out monthly
– Club dues would be set at N4,000 a month
– There will be two training sessions each month
– Training sessions will include medics, time keeping, volunteers, etc.
– Special Truppr tees will be launched for our Elite Runners!



We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who registered and especially to everyone who made it on the day. We’ll see you on the 3rd of September, 2016 at the next Truppr Elite Runners training session.Looking

Looking to push yourself beyond your ‘running’ comfort zone and a dedicated team to help you achieve that? Sign up as a Truppr Elite runner here

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