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anonymous asked 3 years ago

I’ve always been thin but I’ve recently put on a few pounds (like I’ve gone from 93lbs to 97lbs. I’ve always had trouble putting on weight). I’m fine with keeping the weight cause I needed to gain a few pounds it but it’s all sitting in my belly and I really hate how it looks (for my size it’s definitely noticeable and my stomach bulges over my jeans). I’m just wondering what I could do to rectify the situation and get a flat belly.
I currently do about 100 sit ups, 100 “mountain climbers” and 100 “Russian Twists”  a day. I know that probably isn’t much, but hopefully it’s better than nothing.
I’m sure I could fix my diet (and without getting into my diet, any tips for a good diet would be appreciated), but are there any other exercises I can do to help this?
Thanks so much!

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